The Ultimate Street Evo! Richard's Evo 6.5 TME - ERS800

One of ERS's longest running customers, Richard and his Mitsubishi Evo 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition have come a long way.
This Evo 6.5 has been looked after by ERS from the very beginning when it ran our ERS400hp package. After enjoying that power level for a while, eventually Richard decided it was time to step up to our ERS600 package, and we were more than happy to perform the upgrades. 
After driving with our ERS600 package, he quickly realised that it wasn't enough and instructed us to step it up straight to our ERS800 package! 
Fast forward and the car is now running our ERS800 package including an ERS Built 2.2L Motor, ERS Turbo Package featuing a Garrett G35 and ARTEC V-Band Exhaust Manifold.
For the drivetrain it has our full ERS Drivetrain Package to suit the power level including a paddle shifted 6 speed sequential transmission, ERS spec built transfer case and of course our ERS RS Rear Diff Kit. 
That just scratches the surface in terms of the amount of parts, time and development put into the car. At this stage we confident to say that this is now the Ultimate Street Evo!
In the workshop, the car is nicknamed "the Corolla" - not because it lacks power or is boring, but because it has been so rock solid reliable and is SO nice to drive on the street considering the power level. Some cars when approaching higher horsepower numbers lose out on driveability on the street, but not this car!
Richard's journey has been a great one and at the end of it all, we can say it has been one of the most reliable cars to come out of the workshop and one of our favourite evos to drive not only on the track but also out and about on the streets. 

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