An ABSURD Evo! Mitsubishi Evo 9 - ERS 1000+ Package

The ABSURD Evo 9 is a Series 2, Australian delivered Evo 9 with a genuine 60,000kms on the clock!

Originally, the car was only meant to run a "tame" 800HP, however once the new owner acquired it, he had goals of building a 1000+HP street car.

Running an ERS Performance built 2.2L MIVEC stroker 4G63 motor and a PTE 7675, the car now makes 1100HP at the hubs with power going through a 6 Speed Holinger Sequential!

ABSURD is a fan favourite at the workshop and at Sydney Roll Racing as the car still resembles almost what a stock Evo 9 would look like. However, once the lights go green it is an entirely different story!


  • ERS 1000+ Horespower Package
  • 4G63 MIVEC Engine
  • 2.2L Stroker
  • Precision 7675 Turbocharger
  • Holinger 6 Speed Seqeuntial (air shifted)


  • Adjustable Coilovers with Air Cups
  • Belak Industries Forged Aluminium 3 Piece Beadlock Wheels  
  • Raiden Herodrag Tyres 

Exterior & Styling

  • Rize Japan Tail Lights
  • Carbon Evo 9 Deck Front Lip
  • Carbon Side Skirt Extensions
  • Carbon Dipped RALLIART Style Side Mirrors
  • Factory Evo 9 Carbon Spoiler with Factory Optional Gurney Flap


  • ERS ECU Package with all the features including rolling anti-lag, flat shift, delivering a consistent 50+psi through the engine reliably.
  • Digital dash set up